Ms. Markle and Me

When rumours first started to fly that Prince Harry was dating Meghan Markle, I had a lot of feelings. I didn’t know anything about her, but what I was reading; I didn’t like. Immediately I found myself bristling whenever she was mentioned or pictured. There was nothing I could put my finger on, but there was just something about her. Twitter only helped add fuel to the fire.

“Kate would NEVER…” rang the battle cry.

The more Meghan was in the public eye and the more interviews with her became more wide-spread, the more I resented her. Sure, her clothes were super cute but is she really wearing yoga pants and a beanie in public? Yes, her opinions on the taboo of menstruation are so important, but is that really something a (potential) future Princess needs to be talking about?

I started thinking about my own life and the people who would sing choruses of “Kate would never!” to me. A white manicure? Tastefully destressed jeans? Something form fitting? Something casual? Not being demure or shy?

Kate. Would. Never.

But I would. And that’s when I knew why I was so resistant to Meghan. Because despite almost ten years of being one of Kate’s most dedicated fans, I was now being faced with someone I related to so much more. Despite being painfully shy growing up, in the last dozen years; I’ve come into my own. Public speaking is a serious joy of mine. After years of admiring Kate’s classic, polished, and relatively conservative style; I’ve found myself becoming more comfortable with pieces that may be considered casual or trendy while still being polished and relatively classic.

My Meghan hate was based solely on admitting to myself once and for all that I would never be Kate. Am I still inspired by her? Absolutely. There will always be Kate-inspired pieces in my wardrobe. The grace and poise with which she handles a life that is completely insane is absolutely something to channel in my own life.

But as Meghan, and all you lovely readers have shown, there is more than one passage to poise. May we all find the path best for us and shine our truth to all around us.


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