Poised and Preppy

When I was in high school, “Prep” was on e of those words that could be a massive insult or a great compliment, depending on who was uttering the words. As members of the debate team and theatre department, my friends used the term as the most degrading thing they could muster. For a person to be considered “a prep” was the worst thing.
For me, it was the highest form of praise. The preppy girls were the ones whose personal style matched what I really wished my mother would let me wear. They had bouncy blowouts and LL Bean backpacks and everything they touched was monogrammed. However, as I’ve mentioned before, I struggled a lot with being proud of whom I wanted to be instead of embracing whoever everyone else thought I should be. So to my friends, I said nothing while I silently longed over Breton stripes and Sperrys.

Fast forward more years past high school than I care to admit and you’ll find someone teenage me wouldn’t recognize. Bouncy blowout (usually) in place and proud owner of more Breton stripes than the average person might need (but not enough); I’ve finally become the girl I wanted to be back then. Let me tell you, lovelies–that is a strange and wonderful feeling. There is, of course, a lot more that goes into that besides a wardrobe change and the Drybar Guide to Good Hair for All. A lot of maturing and mental growth had to happen before I could arrive here. But here I am, embracing who I’ve always been, even if that means some of my closet staples look more like Sarah Vickers than the Duchess of Cambridge. With such amazing influences, I’m golden either way.

If you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest and see a summer wardrobe full of nautical inspiration and Lilly Pulitzer; don’t be surprised. It’s just Dawn being Dawn.



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