The Poised Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is such a complicated thing. Some people adore it. Some despise it. And some change their minds based on their relationship status of the moment. I fall in all three categories, if we’re being completely honest. That said, I’m doing my best to make sure that this year, we all find a way to enjoy the day.

One of the most obvious ways the holiday is celebrated is with gifts. Significant others give gifts to proclaim exactly how in love–or at least in like–they are. Some parents will give their children small treats or stuffed creatures. My mother, for example, used to tell me that the Valentine’s Day fairy had visited and left some presents. I never believed her, but I’ve always loved gifts; so I wasn’t too bothered.

The giving and receiving of gifts can go so many wonderful directions. Maybe you want to give little trinkets to your coworkers. Or you and your bestie can exchange ridiculously corny cards. Or perhaps you do have a significant other that you want to shower with something special. Whoever the recipient, here are my suggestions for a Valentine’s Day sure to make you smile.

  • Flowers- I know, I know. But hear me out. Flowers are amazing. They’re pretty. They make a person feel special. The only time I’ve ever received flowers was on my fifteenth birthday and my Mom bought me a dozen white roses. I hate roses, especially white ones. Even still, I loved that I actually had flowers given to me by someone else. Nowadays, I like to pick up flowers for myself from the local store, but there’s something so nice about them coming from someone else. Your coworker, best friend, girlfriend, daughter, niece would all appreciate the gesture. I recommend tulips, peonies, and ranunculus. Just in case someone reading this is feeling generous.
  • Treats-Lots of people have complicated relationships with candy. We’re all trying to eat a wee bit healthier than we were last year, so a giant heart full of candy may not be welcome. Find whatever your Valentine can’t get enough of (fruit, nuts, salty pretzels, Lindt truffles) and get a reasonable amount. I may not need a full pound of chocolate, but a few pieces won’t go amiss.
  • Time- Whether best friend, SO, or family member, everyone in your life loves you and would adore spending more time with you. Find a way to schedule an outing just for you and your Valentine, whoever they may be. See a movie. Go to a fancy restaurant for dessert and cocktails. Walk around a park. Dedicate yourself to the relationship you’ve chosen to celebrate and it will be the happiest Valentine’s Day of all for both of you.

That’s it lovelies. A few ideas of how I’m hoping to make your holiday and mine more than just a Hallmark commercial by finding someone we can spoil. Additionally, I hope that someone makes you feel special tomorrow. You deserve it! (And I won’t tell if you decide to forward this blog along to someone you hope will do some of these things for you.)


You’re the best Valentines of all!




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