The Poised Girl’s Guide to Politics

It’s been a wild and crazy few weeks planning this post. As many of you know, the American Presidential election happened last month and the results were…unexpected. A lot of people from many countries are sad and scared and angry. So am I. But we can get through this with poise and grace. Here’s how. 

1. Be Kind 

          This is the simplest and yet most profound thing we can do. The world needs kindness and we can feel good about giving it. It may be a challenge some days (I know it is for me!), but a little kindness goes a long way. 

2. Stand Up

          We have entered a phase in history where entire groups of people are being attacked and harrassed in public thanks to the encouragement of our elected leaders. Now, more than ever, we need to stand up against bullying. The Duchess of Catherine champions many anti-bullying causes and we can learn from her how to speak out with grace while still being open and heartfelt. 

3. Get Involved

        So many of the poised women we adore, both real and fictional, make the most of their time by volunteering. Just as a refined person finds a way to be informed about the world; so too can they find ways to be informed and active for the world. Whether through a faith-based organisation, a political party, or a well-loved charity; find a way to help those in need. You’ll be amazed at how good doing good can feel. 
Regardless of ideology and political affiliation, we can be sure that the world needs poise and refinement now more than ever. Go shine your lux light! 



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