Rory’s Going to Yale!

One of my favourite Gilmore Girls episodes is when Rory decides what university she will be attending. We see Rory struggling with what she’s always planned to do; what she’s always wanted to do with what she thinks she might want now. 

I think we all know this struggle. You’ve spent your whole life dreaming of being an accountant and then you unexpectedly fall in love with the liberal arts and find yourself skipping your CPA exam to take a painting class. We grow and change as people and sometimes things happen so suddenly that you might be shocked to find that who you are today isn’t who you thought you’d be or even who you were six months ago. 

It’s horrifying to go through these changes. When Rory is contemplating her decision, she exclaims that it’s ALWAYS been Harvard and who is she if she isn’t going to Harvard? As we start to change, we become unfamiliar with ourselves. My suggestion to you, dear reader, is to be as kind to yourself as you would be to a new friend. Get to know this person with patience and kindness. 

You know what else it is? It’s exciting. It’s riveting. I’m currently at one of these points in my life. Things are shifting and a picture is starting to develop unlike what I assumed my adult life would be. Sometimes the temptation is to resist these changes out of fear or resistance or peer pressure. “You’re not that person. This isn’t you.” People will tell you that and those people are wrong. Dismiss them all with a Duchess of Cambridge level hair flip. It’s never too late to decide to be someone new and better. Be happy and kind and maintain your poise and I’ll be on your side. 



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