Self-Care Sunday

First, a note: this week’s self-care adventure actually came on Saturday, as Sunday was super busy and included being my BFF’s date to a garden wedding. Clearly I will report my thoughts on the wedding via Twitter

Thanks to Sephora’s stellar beauty insider program, I had the opportunity to try Fresh’s Rose Face Mask. It’s a gel that contains real rose petals and rose water. Reported to be gentle, hydrating, and skin softening; I knew it was the perfect thing to try as this week my skin has been less than pleased with life. 

I’m usually very hesitant to try masks that aren’t sheet masks. The reasoning? Laziness. I love how simple sheet masks are. But every now and again, there’s something that makes it worth the extra steps of application and rinsing. Fresh’s Rose Face Mask is DEFINITELY one of those products. The goes on easily and even after leaving it on a little too long, it doesn’t harden to a point of being crusty or flaky. It rinsed perfectly clean and left my skin feeling soft and smooth. It even provided even moisture that I didn’t need quite as much of my PM moisturiser. All in all, a huge win. 

While the mask was setting, I decided it was the perfect time for a DIY manicure. My newest nail obsession is the Kerry Washington for OPI Washington, DC collection. A set of colours inspired by America’s Capitol city (with a little Olivia Pope thrown in), the shades are perfect for Autumn and Winter and range from bright yellow, to chocolate brown, to jewel toned berries and greens. My absolute favourite? Pale to the Chief, the absolute perfect nude for most skin tones. Not too pink, not too beige; enough of each. I felt like Goldilocks trying the porridge and all was just right. 
Any products you lovelies think I need to try? Let me know!



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