Fall-ing Slowly

Can you believe that summer is unofficially over? I’m not sure that I can. Yet here we are, after Labor Day in the United States and facing Autumnal weather and with it, new fashion rules.

Unless, like me, you happen to live in a part of the country that doesn’t do Autumn until mid-October. So how can we embrace seasonal fashion while making sure to dress for the weather we have and not the weather we want? Here are my top tips.


  1. Some Rules Must Be Followed

No matter how close to triple digits (Farenheidt) our temperature may still be, the time has come to retire my summer whites and seersucker. The white eyelet dress, white sandals, and white bags have been put away for another year. They may still be weather appropriate, but they aren’t seasonally appropriate. Time to bid farewell.

  1. Mix and Match

It may still be way too hot for flannel shirts, jeans, and boots but we can do our best to bring a little fall flavour in. Try using your favourite autumnal button front shirt in place of a cardigan or throw. Most buildings can be frigid even as the temps outside are scorching, so it’s always useful to have something to throw over bare shoulders and arms. Now that it’s September, replace your pastel or neon cardi with a jewel or primary toned plaid. A nice nod to the season while still keeping your cool.

  1. Start Slowly

While I’m no huge fan of winter, I’m always excited for the seasonal transitions to start. The first cool breeze felt in the morning can be a refreshing change of pace after months of oppressive heat. In an effort to will Summer to a close a little bit faster, I’ll be swapping out some of my accessories for more muted tones. My purse and work bag will go from grey to black. I’m also very interested in olive and oxblood accessories this year. I’ll start to trade out my sandals for ballet flats and Chelsea boots. The change of season is a good time to change your jewellery as well. Remember that as the temperatures start to cool, you have a little more freedom to add one more piece. No one wants to be weighed down by heavy metals in the heat of summer. Start introducing some pieces that you’ve missed back into your rotation.


Let’s all grab our (iced) Pumpkin Spice Lattes and hope for scarf weather!





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