Self-Care Sunday

Summer is almost over! When did that happen. I feel like just yesterday we were emerging from our dark, wintry caves and into the sunlight. Here in the American South, it may still be summer weather for a few more months but nonetheless I’m looking ahead to winter. And winter, at least for me, means dry skin. When the humidity drops and the indoor heating units kick on, my skin decides to do its best impression of the Sahara.

With that in mind, I wanted to try something this week that would bring a ton of moisture and could potentially be a winter essential. I also wanted something a little different. I decided to try a Lip Sheet Mask. Weird, right? This one from Sephora caught my eye the last time I was there buying essentials (brow pencils are totally essential to my life). It’s supposed to use rose and other botanicals to infuse lips with a ton of moisture. Perfect for upcoming matte lip season!

My initial thought is that it is giant. Seriously, I could fit two pairs of my lips under this thing. So prepare for your chin to be included in the action. One important note: if you suffer from seasonal allergies (such fun!) and can’t breathe through your nose six months of the year, this may not be for you. It’s difficult to open your mouth with the mask on. The time was perhaps a little longer than it needed to be. My lips started burning about halfway through. However, when all was said and done my lips were definitely softer. Have your favourite lip balm near by for once the mask comes off and you’ll be kiss ready in no time.

This week, I encourage you to try something a little fun and a little different in your self-care routine!





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