The Poised Girl’s Guide To Getting Back On Track

One of the interesting things about life is how everything comes in waves or cycles. The seasons, our cravings, and our motivation. One day, there’s just not enough time to make our bed on the way out the door and before we realise it, our poised life has slipped a little by the wayside. It happens to all of us. Never fear and don’t be discouraged. There are ways to get back on the right path and continue your passage to poise.

  1. Acknowledge That You’ve Gone Astray So you’ve lost a bit of your refined habits. That’s okay. The first step is identifying that you want to get back on track. Whether you’ve strayed a little or a lot; there’s nothing that can’t be fixed!
  2. Start Small You don’t have to make all the changes again over night. Find one thing that you can improve upon. Make your bed every day. Make sure that even if you can’t cook each meal, you are doing your best to eat it at a real table from a real plate. Take care of yourself at least one day a week. Start slowly and eventually all those habits you’ve cultivated will fall back into place.
  3. Celebrate Every Victory We’re doing the best we can to live a luxurious and refined lifestyle of poise and grace. We’re also human. Every little improvement in our lives should be celebrated. You’re doing your best! Way to go. Don’t focus on whatever progress still left to be made. What matters is that today you were better than yesterday.
  4. Know What’s Possible Everyone’s life is different. Maybe your job prevents you from being able to eat lunch away from your desk or your children might make your bed their favourite playhouse; so making your bed is an impossibility. That’s fine. We all have different ideals for a refined and poised life. Do what’s best for you and your lifestyle. That’s where real poise resides.




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