The Poised Girl’s Guide to Healthy(ish) Eating

First, a disclaimer. I’m not now, nor will I ever be, a health professional, nutritionist, dietitian, or expert of any sort. I am simply a person who likes food, likes my body when it functions well, and tries to make good choices.


Let’s get one thing straight, guys. Healthy eating and diets are not the same thing. Diets are short-term solutions to a potentially long-term problem. Eating plans are things that persist indefinitely. To use the catch phrase, they are lifestyle changes. That’s what I’m about. Making choices this week that will still be easy to make next year. When I eat healthy, I’m happier and can do my life better. Who doesn’t want that? And if you happen to look better in your J Brand skinnies, that’s just icing on the cake.

All that being said, let’s talk about my favourite tips.


  1. Don’t Eliminate Anything

Unless a doctor or health professional has told you otherwise, there is no need to eliminate any food group from your diet completely. There’s room in life for donuts and chocolate and wine and croissants and all your favourite guilty pleasures. Should you have it every day? Maybe not. Should you have two or three servings in a sitting? Don’t think so. However, denying yourself of treats completely only backfires. You refuse to look at donuts for a month and then binge and have a half dozen. Also, abstaining from fun things isn’t sustainable and we’re about lifestyles that can actually last our whole life.


  1. Plan Ahead

I’ll let you lovelies in on a little secret. I’m one of those people who visits the grocery store almost daily. Because I don’t have a family to feed, I enjoy the freedom of being able to decide on a whim what I want for dinner that evening. Services like Blue Apron and Home Chef are great, but don’t work for me because of this reason. Don’t tell me what I’m having for dinner tomorrow. Maybe I won’t be in the mood for that tomorrow. Who knows?

Breakfast and lunch are a totally different story. I need to know what I’m doing for the entire week ahead. Otherwise, my morning stop at Starbucks for tea will turn into tea and a muffin, which is a great treat but not an everyday breakfast. During the week, both breakfast and lunch are usually at my desk. (I know, I know. Another topic for another time). This means that in order to avoid both anger and bad choices, I need to plan ahead and come prepared. My favourite breakfast is usually a protein smoothie with fruit and veggies thrown in. Lunch should be a protein, a good carb, and lots of veggies. For snacks during the day, I try to have some fruit on hand to satisfy my sweet tooth. (Questions about specifics? Let me know in the comments).


  1. Do What’s Best For You

Every body is different. Your needs are dependent on your genetics, activity level, health concerns, geography and a myriad of other factors. Listen to your body. See what makes you feel best. For me, I can’t go too long without a complex carb, thanks to a low blood sugar problem. Maybe you need more fruit than your best friend or more protein thanks to all the weight training you do. Whatever it is, the most important thing about being poised and healthy is to do what’s best for you. Taking care of you is the chicest thing of all!








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