(Poised) Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Do you ever equate “poised” with “stuffy?” I’ll be honest and admit that sometimes I do. Poised girls are serious and refined. Nonsense is not to be tolerated. To an extent, this is true. Grace and poise require a certain dignity. A problem arises when we start to equate dignity with being boring and dull.

A poised lady won’t laugh at untoward or cruel jokes. But she can laugh at herself or at others when appropriate. A poised lady may not play lob water balloons at passersby, but she can enjoy the playground with her children or the children of friends. A poised lady might very well make sure that her dress is comfortably intact and then hop a ride on her shopping trolley to her car. (This has definitely happened in recent days.)

It’s important for me to remember that the road to refinement does have room for silliness and fun. My new goal is to find ways to incorporate some fun into my daily and weekly routines. How can I add some lighthearted joy to a poised day and a heavy world?

I’d love to hear how you have fun! What are your suggestions for the rest of us?





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