Self-Care Sunday

Happy Independence Day to my American friends, and sorry about all the treason to my UK friends! If, like me, you’ve been gifted with a three day weekend, then I hope you’re doing something totally fun and relaxing. Perhaps finding some time for self-care?

This week, I was able to try a product completely unlike anything I’ve ever used before. Perricone MD’s Cold Plasma is a treatment serum. Not quite a moisturiser, but more than just a spot treatment. It’s said to improve the health of your skin, remove redness, reduce the appearance of pores. Basically, it’s a miracle in a little jar. As someone comfortably in my thirties, I’m right at that age where I’m concerned about the fine lines around my eyes (someone smiles too much) but also still fighting stress or hormone related breakouts. My skin has no idea what age it is supposed to be. Add to the equation some skin that can break out in hives from even hypoallergenic products, and you get one wary girl.

However, when you get the chance to try something so highly praised and so special, you give it a shot. And I must say…I love it. I wanted to try it out a few times before I told you lovelies about it and I can say that it’s great. Using it at night after cleansing and before moisturising, it has all night to soak in and do its magic. My skin looks glowing and healthy when I use it regularly. It’s also been a huge help on my décolletage and a little sunburn I’m trying to soothe there.

The thing that I really love about the product? How luxurious it is.  That’s the whole point of Self-Care Sunday–finding ways to add some luxury and pampering to our every day lives. Using Cold Plasma feels like a special thing and we all need a chance to feel special. Remember ladies, we’re worth the most luxe levels of spoiling.

How are you spoiling yourself today?





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