The Poised Girl’s Guide to Dating Yourself

Often, I will come across an event or activity that I think will make the perfect date. Swing dancing in the park, Crème brûlée at my favourite restaurant, or a new tear inducing movie. If I were in a relationship, these might be the types of things I would mention (or not-so-subtly hint about) to my significant other as we tried to decide how to spend our weekends.
Then I realised–S.O. or not, there’s no need to wait around for someone to take me on a date. We are poised, incredible women who deserve to go on dates with ourselves. As the meme tells us, “We don’t need no man.” In the spirit of spending some quality time with our favourite selves, here are my top tips to taking the hottie in your mirror out on a date.
  1. Go All Out: Whether it’s a little black dress, a great pair of skinnies, or a high fashion jumpsuit; pull out the attire that makes you feel most beautiful and ROCK IT. Get a blowout, do your nails, wear the sexy heels. You may not see the point if there’s no one to impress but remember that you are our to impress yourself. You deserve a date that looks amazing and I have no doubt that you do.
  2. Make it a Priority: Just like you would for any important meeting, mark the date in your calendar. Let your friends and family know that you are busy during that block of time. You are a priority. You wouldn’t cancel on a date unless you absolutely had to, so don’t cancel on yourself. You’re worth it.
  3. Plan Ahead: Some of the best dates I’ve ever been on were dates that didn’t involve much of a strict timeline. We were able to wander freely through our day and enjoy one another. However, this doesn’t mean we didn’t have a plan. We knew there were several places we wanted to go throughout the day; there just wasn’t a specific schedule to which we had to stick. On the other hand, I also love days that progress with precision. No matter your style, determine what you want to do ahead of time so when the day comes, you aren’t overwhelmed or lost for ideas. Know where you’re going and you’ll be delighted once you get there.
  4. Treat Yourself: How do I know I’m going to go on another date with someone? If they show up at my door with a little something for me. It doesn’t have to be fancy or outlandish. Once, a guy arrived to pick me up with a pineapple. A little something sweet and clearly memorable as it’s been 7 years and I still remember the gesture. Anytime you’re taking yourself out on a date, try to do the same. Buy yourself flowers or make sure that you get the dessert you usually pass on. This is a time for you to make sure that you’re treated like the Princess you are.
The summer is one of my favourite times to go on adventures like this as there are so many things that are free or inexpensive around most towns. Whether walking the mall, smelling the flowers in the park, or hitting an afternoon matinee with prime air conditioning; find a way to date yourself in the next few weeks.
Do you have a favourite solo date? Let us know!

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