Self-Care Sunday

This SCS was quick and completely uninventive as I spent most of Sunday away from home, the highlight of which was an engagement party for some dear friends. (There was Pimm’s. All was well.)

So, it works out that I haven’t yet told you about my sheet mask experience because now you get to here about two different kinds! I’m not a big mask person, if we’re being honest. I love the idea, and I see how much they can improve the look and feel of my skin; but they seem like a lot of work. Cleanse your face. Dry your face. Wet your face. Apply mask. Dry. Cleanse your face again. Moisturise. Skin care and self -care are involved processes, but that was a little daunting to me. I don’t want my special treats to feel like work.

Then, in my monthly beauty subscription, I got two amazing sheet masks to try. Both by pur-lisse, they are easy, incredible, and fun. The first one I tried (featured on my Instagram in a picture in which I channel the man in the iron mask) was Blue Lotus and White Tea. I was intrigued by the method–just apply to a clean face, press to make sure it’s on your skin well, and wait. Seriously. No wash/dry/wet/wash/hokey pokey. The mask was cool on my face, which I love for the warmer months. The other thing I adore is that due to the treatment soaking both sides of the mask, it was impossible for me to put on my glasses. That meant I had to spend twenty whole minutes not reading or writing or pretending to not check my work email. Without my glasses, that time had to be spent with my eyes closed. I got comfy in front of my window, put on some jazz, and enjoyed an obligation and multi-tasking free few minutes. That’s something I absolutely need to have more of.

When the time is up, you simply remove the mask and pat the remaining treatment into your skin. No rinsing necessary. I did end up moisturising before bed, but that’s because 30-something skin is a delicate creature that can’t be angered. The mask I tried this week was the Blue Lotus and Seaweed variety. While the White Tea version seemed like something I could use every week, the Seaweed was a richer, more balancing formula. Definitely a once-a-month rich treat.

I’m adding more sheet masks to my shopping list. They’re the perfect easy and effortless treat when we need a little pick-me-up. (PS–in the hot months, pop your mask in the freezer for a few minutes before application. It’s so cooling.)

I hope you all find ways this week to pamper yourself and slow down (even just for twenty minutes).




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