Are Your Clothes Being Courteous?

There’s a meme floating around recently that says something about how much better the world would be if our eyes saw internal beauty instead of external appearances. It’s such a nice idea.

But it isn’t reality. The reality is, for better or worse, our appearances are the basis for everything from first impressions to continued understanding. How we look and what we wear tells the world a lot of what they need to know about us. Think I’m being shallow and unfair? Hear me out.

One of my coworkers loves dressing up in complicated and very artsy outfits. She adores the process of doing her hair and makeup. However, she never did it for work. One day, I asked her why and she explained, “I don’t care about these people enough for the effort.”

There it is. When you put little or no effort in your look, when you come to work every day in sweat pants or yoga pants (our dress code is REALLY relaxed, much to my chagrin), when you can’t be bothered to brush your hair or change out of whatever you slept in; you are telling your coworkers, your clients, and your boss that you do not care about them.

I’m not talking about personal style here. You can be casual, sporty, artsy, boho, all while looking put together and as if you put forth effort. Just a little bit of polish goes a long way. The coworker I mentioned earlier? She decided to start dressing a little nicer at work at was promoted three months later. When those around her saw that she cared enough to clean up, they noticed that her work was actually great. (Note: her work also improved with her wardrobe. Everyone feels more motivated when they feel their outside is put together nicely).

Even if I’m just running to the local market for necessities, I try to make sure that I am always put together enough that if I ran into an ex I wouldn’t hide behind a display of gourmet olives in embarrassment. Besides, a girl never knows where a handsome prince might appear. It’s good to be prepared.

Coco Chanel once said that “Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness.” Are you being polite to those you meet, or are you showing disdain through your wardrobe?

Are your clothes being courteous?




3 thoughts on “Are Your Clothes Being Courteous?

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