You read that right. This week’s self-care tips come from a random day in the middle of the week. You see, Sunday wasn’t dedicated much to self-care as it was all about simple rest. I felt a bit under the weather and was doing my best to fight off any cold or allergy attack that was coming on.

That little cold decided to turn into a full sinus and ear infection. And so, instead of getting better with a couple hours of napping on Sunday, I found myself home in bed on a Wednesday; nursing a fever and drinking all the tea I could reach.

Confession: I don’t do sick well. I don’t do rest or stillness well. Telling me that I have to stay still and not be productive is chilling to my Type-A soul. It hurts. There are 24 usable hours in every day and you’re telling me to not use any of them?!

But sometimes our bodies have other plans and we are knocked down for the count. Even I can’t deny that a fever and doctor’s orders must be obeyed. Being sick I wasn’t really feeling motivated to massage my cuticles or apply I mask, so I indulged in a little mental refreshment. I snuggled under the blankets with my favourite feline and decided that instead of watching something educational or  reading something challenging that I would watch the Food Network. Which was exactly the fun, lighthearted vacation my tired mind needed. In the spirit of full disclosure, I also spent some time watching the Royal Wedding because it always puts a smile on my face.

Learn from me, friends. Take time to slow down and let yourself off the hook once in a while. The chores can wait. So can the documentary on the history of art in ancient Egyptian culture or the latest essay on the political future of Southeast Asia. Not everything has to be serious to be important.

What are your favourite ways to recoup and encourage stillness?



Sending you love from under a pile of tissues!




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