Refined Resources

As I mentioned in the previous post, I will be continuing both my journey into poise and this blog longer than our original 40 day target. So while this isn’t goodbye, I think now is a great time to leave you with some of my favourite resources for all of us trying to be polished and poised.

  1. The Refined Side This blog, curated by the lovely Amanda and Christine of Effervescent Media is one of my can’t-miss sites. It perfectly encapsulates how to live a refined life in an everyday, mundane, unrefined world. Both ladies also have their own blogs which you cannot pass up.
  2. The Daily Connoisseur Started by the incredible Jennifer L Scott (author of the original book that inspired us all), The Daily Connoisseur covers everything from home decor and cleaning tips to who precisely can be poised (spoiler:Everyone). Her videos are a highlight of my week.
  3. Debrett’s The ultimate guide to etiquette and manners, Debrett’s was founded in 1769 and covers everything from how to address royalty to how to eat asparagus and everything in between. They are my primary resource for all things.
  4. BBC News Surprised to see this on the list? Don’t be. An important part of living a poised and refined life is being informed on the happenings in the world. The BBC gives me a broader view of world news than I can get from other sources and keeps up with all my favourite royals.
  5. What Would Kate Do? A question I ask myself daily (or multiple times, if I’m being honest). This is the best resource for all things Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. From charitable causes to cute dresses, this blog has it all. (Another gem from the girls at Effervescent Media!)

What are your favourite refined resources? Share them in the comments!





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