Self-Care Sunday

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a crazy week already. And it’s only Tuesday! All the more reason I’m so glad I took time this Sunday to relax, unwind, and take care of myself.

This week, I focused on my hands and nails. From the time I was a little girl, my dear Mama would tell me that “You can always tell about a lady by her hands.” She was right. Then (and often now) my hands have inky smudges from where the notes of the day were rushed instead of written with care. They are also often bruised because the fair skin of my ancestors bruises simply without reason. Winter in my area of the world has been especially dry until recently, so my poor hands needed some extra TLC.

To begin my pampering session, I washed my hands thoroughly with lavender soap. Lavender is one of my favourite smells and is so relaxing. I moisturised using a hand lotion full of vitamins and essential oils and put on spa gloves. After about 45 minutes, I removed the gloves and gently patted my hands dry. Then it was manicure time.

Every good manicure starts with a good nail. My best looking nails come from using a buffing block to get a good, smooth shape and surface. I also apply apricot cuticle oil to make sure everything is healthy and ready to go. There’s something so nice about having your nails manicured. Everything you do seems a little more polished. I’m a huge fan of nude and neutral colours, but lately nothing wins my heart like a good clear coat. Your nails still look shiny and gorgeous; there’s never a clash to worry about with your outfit; and clear is much more forgiving when chips and flaking happen.

I encourage you all this week to find some time to pamper yourself and your hands. They do so much work and receive so little reward. While you’re at it (and if your work environment allows), give your nails a polish. Whether it’s neon orange or a simple nude, find something that fits you and makes you feel your most poised self.






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