Going on a Negativity Diet

Have you ever found yourself sighing in exasperation at everything that comes at you during the day? Traffic was extra obnoxious on your morning drive. You left the house late because you couldn’t find your keys/shoes/handbag. (More on this later!) Your coworkers were less than cheerful. Maybe you dealt with a client who only had angry things to say about an event that absolutely was not your fault. You finally make it home and you burn dinner and there’s nothing else left to serve because you haven’t had time to visit the market. These things compound and equate to THE WORST DAY.

These days happen. In fact, I had one of them yesterday. My default is to sigh and sag and get frustrated and angry and prickly. Like a hedgehog with good hair. However, part of living with poise and refinement is learning to face difficulties with grace.

So, for the next week, I’m going on a negativity diet. What does this mean?

For me, it means allowing myself those moments of anger or frustration but then dismissing them and not allowing the negative emotions to stick around longer than they deserve. I’m by no means advocating Pollyanna-type behaviour where you sing songs while the world burns around you. That’s its own kind of unhealthy response. We’re allowed to get annoyed or frustrated when things don’t go right. But then–and this is key–it’s time to let it go. “Gee, this traffic was absurd and I’m rustled after my commute. I can’t wait to complain to everyone in my office about this.” becomes “Gee, this traffic was absurd and I’m rustled after my commute. I need to take a minute to breathe or listen to my favourite song to get my day started correctly.” I’m doing my best to eliminate the amount of negativity in my life. Like any diet, I’m not cutting it out completely but I’m definitely watching the size of my portions and the frequency with which I partake.

What are your tips for dealing with the day’s crazy moments? Share them with us in the comments!





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